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Sunday, October 24th, 2004
9:17 am
Im the only one who ever posts on this.
its been a whole year since AFI last year. amazing. think how different it is this year. love to all I leave you with the picture that always shows up when i click on The Great Disappointment...

do you like the tongue lindsay added. ahh the magic of photoshop

Current Mood: nostalgic
Monday, September 13th, 2004
3:20 am
Gettin' our emo on.
there erin i said it.
ok so i decided to post here instead of my lj cuz well this post is for me and erin both. im gonna leave out a million things but thats cuz im lazy, so erin if you want to updat this feel free, call me or im me for my passwords. sweet. k so on sunday after chilling at the beach with a bunch a guys i came home and erinskii called me and i was second to last on her list of people to go cuz, well, i havent heard any finch! but anywho i was like superman stepped nto the phone booth and came out all emo. then we hightaled it to the vets hall where we entered and watched someshitty emo bands. the first dand wasnt terrible. the second band was ok but all their songs sounded the same. the singer was funny at first, then he was cruel. we requested freebird and said "what the fuck someone requests that song everynight, you guys are such dumbasses i thought you would be above that" and then he just kept yelling at the crowd. he did have a nice reverse mullet though, gotta say. so me and erin left, and i sawvannesa and her exboyfriend (what can i say its vanessa) and tommy st.clair and taylor. then we watched fich, i liked it. i think the guitarist and singer where in a fight though it just seemed like that. there were more revere mullets (i love them!) and some other emo kids to stare at but it was a bit boringo... just the opening bands. we took a whole bunch a pics in the bathroom. we had to leave early though cuz we had school today! so erin im paassing the baton to you adios...

Current Mood: accomplished
Wednesday, August 25th, 2004
9:53 am
i see a red door and i wwant to paint it black
"Say "Ten""

she's not eatin' bacon, not
eatin' sausage,
and she won't eat eggs,
not eatin' chicken
not eatin' turkey, she
won't have a steak,
but i just can't help feelin'
for this poor little lettuce head
you know, i can't stop cryin' cause i
know this broccoli's dead

vegetarian? i'm not a vegetarian,
vegetarian...she's a

poor little cow, little sheep,
little fish
how can I sleep? when carrots
are bleedin'
plants are screamin' and tomatoes cry,
you say "it's not so bad, they're only
vegetables", that's what you said
maybe i'm a murderer, but i'm hungry
and they're better off dead.

save a plant, eat a cow,
i want beef, i want it now!
i'm gonna eat it cause it's red!
i'm gonna eat it cause it's dead!
maybe i should eat it raw let the
blood run down my jaw
i'd eat people if it was legal,
i'd eat people if it was legal!

hahahahahahahahahahahaha i just posted that cuz you all are mega vegan types... so i know its meen, but if you ever heaard the song you would laugh to. now i leave you with good news check out my pool!


Current Mood: blank
Sunday, August 1st, 2004
9:04 pm
thats ok cuz im kinda lonley and your acting kinda funny
i update on my journal too much so im giving myself a break. Im gonna stay up real late tonight so that i can sleep in tommorow. And then i will go to junior guards. Why does jgs have such a bad reputaion, when only impecably cool people attend like patrick and of course me... people are always like wow you dont strike me as the kinda person wo would do junior guards. Any way were was i before i so rudley interupted myself...ok so then ill go to a movie with nate and it will be wonderfuck (no pun intended) and groovie and crizmoballoonie. Then i will go to slepp and my next day will be as good as the last exept bowling, yes bowling bowling? bowling will be involved... and so on and so forth and my week will quite litterally rock my sox off. what does this have to do with you

absolutley nothing hahahahah hahaha muah muahh hahahahahahahahaah

wow i am so hyper and guess what MY EYES ARE PURPLE ITS NARBAR! witch is quite like gnarly if your not up in the hip lingo

thats all folks

Current Mood: amused
Wednesday, July 14th, 2004
10:15 pm
a cigrette rests between her lips but i'm staring at her tits its the wrong way...
yo homies thyought i would leave my mark...er so to speak.
QUESTION TIME! brought to u impark by erin's bordness.

***What is the best...
1) emo band
2) screamo band
3) metal band
4) ska band
5) punk band
6) indie band
7) alternative band
8) 90's band
9) 80's band
10) disco band
11) 70-50's band
12) original band
13) creepiest band
14) hottest band
15) girl band
16) live band
16.5) worst band/singer

17) who is the hottest guy in a band?
18) who is the hottest guy in a movie/tv?
19) who is the hottest girl in a band?
20) who is the hottest girl in a movie/tv?
21) what is the best movie ever?
22) what is the best TV show ever?
23) what is the worst TV show ever?
24) what is the worst movie ever?
25) what guy would u like to slap the most?
26) what girl would u like to slap the most?
27) best instrument to play in a band (inculding vocals and that person who taps the mic and says "check")?
28) what outfit are u wearing right this second, honeslty, including undies haha?
29) are u hungry right now, if so hungry for what, and if u rn't what did u last eat?
30) whats the last song u listened to?
31) are u just taking this cause u r bored stiff?
32) what comes to mind when u hear the word "elleboga?"
33) to u what does nattatisection mean?
34) y do ppl hate ranch?
35) what would u like to state now that its the end?

-haha that's all folks,

Current Mood: taaaake on meee
Monday, July 12th, 2004
11:39 am
I just found out to update in this thing. I'm so smart. Kudos and peanuts for me!

Current Mood: accomplished
Tuesday, June 15th, 2004
7:58 pm
Summer is a time for friends, love, happiness, and NO RESPONSABILITY!
i just thought since no one realy reads this, but it adresses everyone, id post about summer

ahhh yes, that time when you stay up till three, run around with no clothes on and go to parties and concerts every week. And why the hell not? We are young, and we stilll have years of boring school and work ahead of us, so screw the summer job, screw summer school. It is time for that long needed brake, although to us, this is no brake, it is our cue to exercise our god given rights to be crazy, super hyper, stupid, and lazy all we want. The way i see it, if oday is the day your life starts, and also your last, then in the summer, live your life for the purpose of fun, yeah i know itll hurt tommorow, buthopefully by then youll already be having to much fun to care. School is the end of the world, so live these sunny summer days like their your last, and make them your best. Fall in love, make new friends. Or fall in lust, hang out witha total stranger for a day, becuase you can!

that was a word to the wise from NSS franny

Current Mood: hoot hoot!!!!
Monday, June 7th, 2004
5:08 pm
hello i felt yu needed some pics

hahaha yummie

their skanking

i love the pumpkin

thats it for today boys and girls

Current Mood: accomplished
Sunday, June 6th, 2004
11:48 am
aloha from erins house
i am in the land of the creator, and i just want to say that yes, iam cooler than you think,i am crazy sexy and perrrrrfect in everyway. i also realy lke typing on this keyhoard ok whore? hdhfasdhfjlsakdhfasljkdhfsjdkhfskdjhfalsdh n i haVe a pet poodle named rastamooche...
well i asume about everyone in my world knows about my lover so its no secret, i just erge you not to tell him these things, if you really must put down some hints be creative, and inconspicuos for he is already afraid of me, life would be better if we were friends, dont kill that..doo dooo dood odoodoodododdodoodododdod.ok now i am going top put a PIC UP

Current Mood: accomplished
Saturday, June 5th, 2004
3:14 pm
Wanna give it a whirl...
Heyya, i wanna start a community, please join. It can be a place to meet el locals, talk about upcoming or past events and other things too...endless suggestions. so lets break the bottle!

Current Mood: mmm silk
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